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Julie G Smith , Conesus Lake and Surrounding Areas

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10 best places to own real estate

Even in a tough market, 63 of the 100 biggest markets are due to see a rise in 2007.

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Many Americans looking at the values of their homes are asking not whether it will fall, but how much. But in fact, more than half of the 100 top markets in the U.S. are slated to rise next year.

Fortune asked Moody's Economy.com and real estate valuation company Fiserv Lending Solutions to give us their take on what lies ahead for housing in the country's 100 largest metropolitan areas.

The picture in many parts of the country isn't pretty. In 2007, 36 of the 100 biggest markets are expected to see price declines. For 2008, that number rises a notch to 37.

But the housing market looks healthy in the Southeast, where the top market, McAllen Texas, is predicted to rise 8.5 percent in 2007, and another 9.8 percent in 2008. In fact, four of the hottest U.S. home markets forecast for next year are in Texas. Also on the list are two markets in upstate New York -- Syracuse and Rochester.

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10 housing markets projected to rise
Metro area 2007 projected price change 2008 projected price change Median home price
McAllen-Mission, Texas 8.50% 9.80% $69,660
El Paso 7.10% 4.40% $124,410
Albuquerque 5.90% 0.60% $179,620
Salt Lake City 5.40% 1.90% $186,230
Syracuse, N.Y. 4.80% 3.60% $117,540
San Antonio 4.80% 3.50% $139,830
Rochester, N.Y. 4.50% 4.20% $116,090
Baton Rouge 4.50% 2.80% $170,240
Fort Worth-Arlington 4.40% 3.50% $127,470
Birmingham, Ala. 4.40% 3.50% $165,740